Facebook Ads Campaign Management

Your customers are on Facebook. But reaching them requires a marketing strategy that fits your business.

What are the benefits of advertising on Facebook’s platform?

  • Specifically target and reach your best customers
  • Generate new leads with a predictable cost
  • Access powerful marketing data to make better decisions

When you advertise on Facebook, you’re putting your brand in front of 1.44 billion monthly users. But many businesses stumble to get results with Facebook advertising.

Learning to do it yourself is an option. But you can save time and money by leveraging our team’s experience with hundreds of clients. We’ve learned what makes a Facebook Advertising Campaign successful. And we can help you succeed too.

You don’t have to stumble. You can trust our team to guide you on the best practices for succeeding with Facebook advertising. We’ll work with you to create an advertising campaign that meets your specific goals.

blueprint71 Internet Marketing Solutions will work with you develop a customized ad campaign strategy. Then we’ll handle implementation and work with you to keep your ads performing well. Our team will optimize your ads on an ongoing basis. All you have to do is set your ad spend.

Work with us, and together we can –

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    Generate More Leads

    Our tried and tested methods can help you generate more leads for your business.

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    Maximize Your Budget

    We can help you get the most bang for your buck. We’ll reduce your costs and improve your results at the same time.

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    Implement Tracking, Attribution, and Analytics

    We can set up the Facebook Pixel for your website and show you which metrics matter for your business.

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    Guide You Through Facebook Ad Policies

    Our team is experienced working with Facebook advertising. We can help you navigate ad policies to make sure your ads keep running.

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